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Prague city centre is quite compact and you walk through all historical parts - Old Town (Staré Město), Jewish Town (Josefov) and New Town (Nové Město), which are located on the right bank, and Castle Area (Hradčany) and Lesser Quarter (Malá strana) - easily on foot, or with the help of public transport.

Prague public transport system is quite good, it is very cheap when compared with other European capitals (see ticket prices), and quite extensive. The system is also user-friendly with information in several languages on most stops. Metro, trams and buses also run on time and you can find the information on departure on each station.

Prague public transport is operated exclusively by Dopravní podnik (DP), that runs metro system, trams and buses. The company has several Travel information centres where you can get useful information about public transport operation, routes or timetables. They also sell tickets, but these can be also bought from yellow ticket vending machines.


Metro network is a backbone of the Prague transport system. Currently, it has three lines with some 50 stations and around 50 km of tracks running mostly underground. In line with the ongoing trend of making public transport accessible to persons with impaired mobility, recently opened stations have been equipped with lifts or easy-access entrances. The Prague metro carries almost half a billion passengers each year.

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Trams operate on 26 day lines and 8 night lines and on the total of over 270 km of tracks. All lines have one or two digits number. Day lines are in operation from 4:30am till midnight with the following frequencies: on weekdays, most tram routes operate every 8 minutes in the morning and afternoon peaks, and every 10-15 minutes at other times. At weekends, tram routes operate every 15 minutes.

Night lines are in operation from 0:30am to 4:30am. They run on 9 night routes (51 – 59) every 30 minutes with the central point at Lazarská near Narodni metro station).

Most tourist will probably use tram lines 22 and 23, that run from Prague centre up to the entrance of Prague Castle.


The Bus Unit of DP operates 206 bus lines with the total network length almost 800 km. There are 129 low-floor vehicles guaranteed to operate on regular lines on working days. All buses have three digits numbers. DP also runs part of suburban buses (their number starts with "3") and all night buses (line numbers with initial "5" or "6") operate from midnight till 4:30am.

Lines & Connections

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