Prague Travel Guide


How to book a hotel room in Prague

Find hotel

First you should know what are you looking for (price range or category of the accommodation, location).

If you know what are you searching go to the right section of the hotels (eg 5 stars, 4 stars, 3 stars, 2 stars, 1 star or Apartments rental).

Browse the website and pick one which meets your criterium. Make sure you understand all the information about the property.

  1. Location: did you find enough information about the location? Did you check it on the map? Do not accept sentences like "Located within city centre". Then you will be surpriced when you get to the hotel and you will find that you need 20 min to get to the centre by public transport.
  2. Price: look at discounts or special offers or you can always ask for discount. Many times you can find better offer in upper level for example, cheaper prices for 4 stars then standart price of 3 stars hotel
  3. Quality: no one knows better then you what kind of accommodation could make you happy. Accommodation is an important part of your holidays or business trip. Do not destroy you vacation by wrong selection. Many travellers usually prefer cheaper price at the expense of quality.
  4. Meals: Almost all of the hotels are offering breakfast. Not all of them including breakfast in price. Hotels with resturant could arrange also halfboard or fullboard for extra cost.
  5. Transport: check before booking how to get there. Even if your hotel is located near the city centre or other point of interest it could be difficult to get there, for example due the absenting of public transport station nearby. Usually with the booking of accommodation you can order also the transport (airport transfer or others)
  6. References: it is nice to read any references or reviews if available

Booking form:

The are several ways how to book your accommodation in Prague.

  1. online booking form: simply fill in the booking form of the hotel you have selected (cc information required a) as guarantee only, b) deposit or full amount is charged, most popular option, fast, safe (aviod filling booking forms on websites without SSL encryption)
  2. by phone - you can simply call with all the booking information by telephone fast option, costs of telephoning could be high, sometimes you can be asked to use online booking form
  3. fax: send your booking request via fax it is probably the most secure option but usually slowest
  4. email: convinient way how to learn about the hotel and location or any other questions you have. At the end you are asked to fill online booking form

Payment and cancellation conditions

Each hotel could has different payment and cancellation conditions.

Hotel "A" required credit card information for the guarantee and you can cancel you reservation 24 hour prior arrival without charge. Hotel "B" required credit card information for the guarantee but you can cancel you reservation 7 days prior arrival without charge. Hotel "C" required deposit of the first night and you can cancel you reservation 5 days prior arrival without charge.

Some offers (special offer) have special cancellation policy - you can for emxample "NO REFUND". It means that you can book for very special price but you can not cancel.

Make sure you really understand and ACCEPT payment conditions before you submit the booking to aviod any missunderstanding


You should recieve always confirmation of your resrevation. On the reservation have to be name of reservation number, hotel, full address, dates of arrival and departure, number of night, persons, structure of room(s) price per room, total price, contact (telephone, fax, email).

On the confirmation you should find also cancellation and payment policy.

In case you ordered some additional services it should be also written on the confirmation unless you have separate confirmation.


Print out the reservation confirmation and take it with you. Some hotels require infomartion about aprox time of your arrival. Especially in case of late arrival.

If any problems contact immediately your travel agent.

Remember - if you are for any reason unhappy with the accommodation it is recommended to informe hotel reception or travel agent as soon as possible and at the wosrt case you can change the accommodation after first night.


Always ask for final bill. If you pay cash you should recieve printed or written reciept. If you pay by credit card. please save the bill for eventually usage.