Learn Czech in Czech Republic, Prague your Destination

Prague-holidays website has a lot of information for those interested in visiting the Czech Republic and the city itself. With so many interesting places to visit, people to meet, it can only be to oneís advantage if one knows Czech. Learn Czech in Czech Republic through ESL Language Study Abroad and have the benefit of gaining a deeper understanding of Czech culture and of interacting with the local people. This is now possible and affordable through ESL language studies abroad programmes with a global reach and a positive presence in the Czech Republic in the form of Czech language courses available from a teacherís home. Prague with its rich cultural tradition, history, music and other attractions should be the number one choice of location when you learn Czech in Czech Republic.

In some ways, one to one tuitions at the teacherís home is the best solution for professionals and business executives who wish to learn Czech with a specific accent on their professional needs. Such professionals can benefit when they learn Czech in Czech Republic in the teacherís home. They get to stay in a typical Czech environment, experience the lifestyle and culture firsthand and also practice what they learn daily from dawn to dusk. ESL language programme offers Czech courses abroad through HLI in Prague. Teachers give from 15 to 30 private tuitions a week depending on how fast you want to learn the language. You can pace yourself according to how difficult you find the course and how fast you can grasp the language. Students find it more affordable and better when there are two students studying at the same time, following the same course. Not only do they have a chance to interact with the teacher but also practice language skills on their own. It is also more affordable. ESL arranges such tuitions in your best interests when you plan to learn Czech in Czech Republic. Businessmen have access to a programme specifically tailored to their needs while youngsters aged 18 and below are given special treatment and courses. Since you will staying along with your co student in the teacherís home, compatibility issues are settled beforehand and you can follow Czech courses abroad with peace of mind. The teacher also acts as your local guide and mentor, taking you around places of interest in Prague and helping you gain fluency through constant practice.

ESL edu-tourism is becoming popular and it has a spread in 40 countries with world class teaching methods and accreditations. Enrolment is easy and when you learn Czech in Czech Republic, you gain more than knowledge of the language; you enrich yourself with European culture.