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The Czechs

If we talk about the Czechs we have to firstly mention the origin of this nation, respectively the earlier settlers on the territory of the Czech Republic. From the 3rd century BC Celtic migrations, left people of Boii and later in the 1st century Germanic tribes of Marcomanni and Quadi. In the 5th century started the great migration of the Slavs, who followed in the Germans' wake: southward into Bohemia, Moravia and Silesia. Later the Jews, the Italians, the Swedish, the French, the Germans, the Slovaks came into this melting pot of cultures.

So now you can understand why it's so dificult to describe the Czechs contrary to other nations. Simple "Brave Soldier vejk" (by Jaroslav Haek), intelectual Josef K. (by Franz Kafka) or Tomas from the "Unbearable lightness of being", can you find a bigger opposites? Nevertheless the majority of the inhabitants of the Czech Republic (95%) are ethnically Czech and speak Czech, a member of the Slavic languages.

The Czechs of nowadays trying to catch up with their western neighbours, hard working on approaching to western standards of life. But they still find time to meet their friends in pubs no matter what their social status is and discuss the important matters politics and sports. And no surprise then that the Czech Republic has the highest consumption of beer in the world!

Did you know they come from here?