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13 Apr 2007 Pink Floyds Roger Waters Offers Dark Side Of The Moon In Prague

13 APR 2007 Pink Floyds Roger Waters offers Dark Side of the Moon in Prague

23 January 2007, 21:05 - Music
Pink Floyd's Roger Waters comes to Prague on his tour The Dark Side Of The Moon. He will have a concert on Friday 13 April 2007 in Prague's Sazka Arena. Don't wait if you wish to see this legendary rock star - tickets for this show have just been released into sale (to order follow the link below).

The co-founder and the creative genius behind the legendary rock band Pink Floyd, 64 years-old musician, singer, guitarist, bassist, songwriter and composer, Roger Waters will perform his magnum opus The Dark Side of the Moon.

The awaited Roger Waters concert tour will combine an evening's worth of music, comprised of two sets plus encores, with state-of-the-art staging, lighting and sound. The Dark Side of the moon was one the Pink Floyd's albums, originally released in 1973. This album belong to one of the most sold albums of all times.

The music company says, that in 2004 – more than 30 years after its first release, more than 8 000 copies a week is still sold. And some other estimates say that 1 in every 14 Americans under the age of 50 owns a copy of the album.

Waters actually returns to Prague. He performed at sold-out concert here more than five years ago. The show will combine legendary songs of Pink Floyd and famous songs of his moderately successful solo career, that he started in 1985, when he departed from Pink Floyd .

WHERE: Sazka Arena, Ocelářská 2, Prague 9

WHEN: Fri 13 Apr 2007 at 8 pm


MORE INFO: Rogers Waters official website