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24 Feb 2007 Hip Hop Allstars In Prague

21 February 2007, 16:07 - Art
First star party of this year comes to Prague this Saturday. All the biggest rappers and hip-hoppers from Czech Republic and Slovakia will be there. And, Brooklyn-born rapper Raekwon will headline the whole night.

Raekwon is a member of the most fame rap crew of the world - Wu-Tang Clan. But in Prague, he will perform his own pieces as he became also successful solo artist in his own right.

The real name of 37 years old raper is Corey Woods. His 1995 debut Only Built 4 Cuban Linx... is widely considered to be one of the best Wu-Tang solo albums, and one of the finest and most influential hip hop albums of the 90s. The rapper now prepares the sekond edition of the album.

WHERE: Průmyslový palác (Industrial Palace) at Prague Exhibition Grounds, Prague 7

WHEN: Sat 24 Feb at 8pm

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