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24 Mar To 15 Apr 2007 Easter Markets In Prague

24 MAR to 15 APR 2007 Easter Markets in Prague

18 March 2007, 19:45 - Travel
6 days to Easter Markets opening

Old Town Square and Wenceslas Square – the two squares hosts largest Easter markets in Prague each spring. This year, official start of the markets is next Saturday, 24 March, and they lasts 23 days until Sunday 15 April, one week after Easter Sunday.

Blossomy birch tree will reign the Old Town Square during the markets. The trees – 15 meters tall for the Old Town Square and 10 meters tall for Wenceslas Square – have been cut today in Czech town of Benatky nad Jizerou.

The stands in which visitors could buy traditional spring a Easter gifts and articles should be more spacious. Thanks to better architectonic configuration, there should be enough space for even 10 thousand visitors at one moment on the Old Town Square, said one of the organizers. The entrance to the market place will be through the gates decorated with Eastern decorations.

Easter in Prague

The markets are, of course, devoted to Czech Easter traditions and customs. The programme includes also special section for children. They can visit workshops and learn how to paint eggs, make Eastern decorations or tress and twine traditional Czech "pomlázka" from the wooden birch. As every year, miniature zoo with small sheep, goats, rabbits and chickens will create a part of the markets.

While children improve their skills and imagination, the adult can go shopping in the Squre or taste traditional Czech Easter food, such as "velikonoční beránek" (Easter lamb, a cake in the shape of small lamb).

The stands on both squares stay open from 9am to 7pm during weekdays and from 9am to 8pm at weekends, those selling food and refreshments can stay open until midnight.

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