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Bodies The Exhibition Arrived To Prague

Bodies the exhibition arrived to Prague

6 May 2007, 21:13 - Art
After several cities, the controversial Bodies... The exhibition has arrived to Prague on the beginning of May. Celebrate the wonder of the human form at the exhibition that is a phenomenal look at the phenomena we call the human body. The exhibition is open until 10 October 2007.

With educational relevance for all ages, this exhibition of real human specimens immerses visitors in the complexities of the human body, telling us the amazing story of ourselves with reverence and understanding - that is what related website says.

The exhibition, already seen by 16 million people in Europe and Asia, examines the complexities that lie behind human skin.

The "displayed items" in the exhibition were real people times ago. The are arranged in several positions - playing basketball or dancing. The bodies were preserved by polymer preservation process applied to real human bodies. Instead the water in the veins and tissues are filled with the silicon rubber. The bodies can therefore keep original colour.

Prague's exhibition was prepared by Roy Glover, the professor of the anatomy at the University of Michigan.

The exhibition is criticized by the Church and some doctors for being unethical. And German taxidermist Gunther von Hagens, who invented the idea of showing such bodies (under the name Body Worlds) wants to sue "plagiarist" for breaking his intellectual rights.

The exhibition takes place in the Great Hall of Lucerna Palace on the Wenceslas Square, that is a regular venue for big concerts and other events. The visitors have to reserve and buy ticket for the exact date and time. The entrance to the exhibition is opened in half an hour intervals, and it is limited to 350 visitors to one entrance. You can buy tickets via Ticketpro.

WHERE: Lucerna - Great Hall, Štěpánská 61, Praha 1

WHEN: until 10 Oct 2007 | from 9am to 9pm


PRICES: Regular price 349 CZK, discounts for seniors and children under 12

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