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Brand New City Is Being Built On Vltava Banks

14 August 2006, 22:47 - Travel
Develepors spend tens billions of crowns on the river banks in Prague, namely in Holesovice and Karlin quarters. These are part of Prague near to the city center, just in the meander of Vltava river, industrialized in 19th and at the beginning of the 20th centuries. Now, the factories are closed and the new space for »modern« buildings have emerged.

The plans to build new administrative, commercial and residential buildings would create new attraction for city inhabitants and visitors. Advance workings began in the last decade of 20th century, and some new buiding was built – such as administrative Danube house. But the 2002 flooding stopped all plans.

Now developers say, new building will resist possible flooding because new barriers have been installed.

The other side of these plans are that new development of the area with several tower blocks will increase dramatically the density of the area and that it worsen the traffic in the central area. These parts of Prague are near to collapse every morning and evening. Prague, once a city with huge green parks could turn to the city of concrete and glass.

What do you think? Should the city expand in its most attractive »free« space, or should it be kept out from new developments and left for green space?