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Closet Instead Of Treetop

Closet instead of treetop

1 August 2006, 21:08 - Art
Dennis Oppenheim is undoubtedly the biggest star of the festival Sculpture Grande 2006, that shows contemporary art right in Prague streets. His sculpture Aerial Water Closets - it is actually a set of 5 sculptures - will be displayed on Mustek and in middle of Wenceslas Square during the festival. After New York and Los Angeles, it is first European possibility to see the sculptures.

Sculptures, consisting of flying closets and basins (some of them with real taps, unfortunately no water pour from them), installed on Prague's Wenceslas Square show industrialized nature. Thus the imagination can raise the problem of abusing the nature by mankind. We can see trees in sculptures. These trees whose top and sprays are represented by closets and basins send clear message to the city and the whole world: Please, respect our environment!

Sixty-eight years old Oppenheim comes from New York and belongs to one of the most influential American artists. His sculptures Crystals and churches built on top are being bought by metropolitan authorities from all aound the world for millions of US dollars. Works of Oppenheim was displayed for example in Museum of Modern Art in New York, in Kunsthalle in Basel of in Centre Pompidou in Paris. The artist himself played a crucial role in the opening of the whole sculpture festival opening ceremony. His work is characterized by irony and sense of humor as sculpture of flying closets suggests.

Sculpture Grande

Sculpture Grande

Sculpture Grande