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Czech Cubism In Architecture

Czech Cubism in Architecture

6 January 2007, 09:36 - Art
The Gallery of Josef Fragner on Betlem square in Prague has prepared the exhibition about miraculous architectonic style that was born in Prague at the dawn of the 20th century: the Cubism. The exhibition Czech architectonic Cubism (1911-1914) encompasses photographs of Cubist constructions and buildings prepared by Mr Zdenek Lukes, top Czech historian and theorist of architecture.

Mostly Prague buildings are presented, but visitors could see also various building from other places in Czech Republic.

In 1910s, Prague became the second centre of European Cubism, just after Paris. Not only sculptors and paintists have reacted to the wave coming from France, but also architects and designers. Some name that became known all over the Europe in that time: Josef Gočár, Vlastislav Hofman or Josef Chochola.

Visitor can buy publication in Czech or English with nice black-and-white pictures.

WHERE: Galerie Jaroslava Fragnera, Betlémské nám. 5a, Prague 1

WHEN: until 11 Feb 2007 | open daily

MORE INFO: Galerie Jaroslava Fragnera