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Czechtek Starts In Military Area

27 July 2006, 21:19 - Music
Technoparty CzechTek 2006 starts tomorrow in military area Doupovské hory near Chomutov in northwest Bohemia. Several cars and vans with sound system have already arrived to the area and the estimated number of people in now around one thousand according to Czech television news. Organizers and police expect that around 40 thousand people arrive to technoparty during this night and Friday. Full performance should take place from Friday to Sunday. Police has announced that they do not prepare any action against dancers.

Police has been accused last year after taking an action against dancers on CzechTek 2005. They tried to stop »illegal« technoparty near the highway Prague - Rozvadov (border with Germany). Organizers claimed they have legally rent meadow on which free technoparty took place, but police said participants occupied also surrounding land and that whole gathering was not legal. Opinions on police action sharply divided society. While Prime Minister Jiří Paroubek advocated police action last year, this year (most probably in the light of the upcoming legislative elections) came with the proposal of renting the meadow in the military area for technoparty.

Some ecologist warned that noise from sound system would heavily damage almost untouched fauna in the military area which is the territory for crakes.