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Exhibition Dialogue With Death Takes Us Back Into 16th Century

31 March 2007, 15:55 - Art
The exhibition Dialogue with death that takes place at Prague Castle draws the picture of an "first modern globalized era" of the end of 15tha and the beginning of 16th century, just shortly after first discoveries of new continents through the life of Czech poet, intellectual and politician Bohuslav Hasistejnsky (1461 – 1510).

The exhibition shows top goldsmith works from St Vitus treasure and paintings and sculptures that talk about the spirit of the time, of its life style and its relation to death. The time when Czech lands stabilize their status within Europe, when international trade is growing and first books are printed. Prague is a center of Central Europe and Czechs are under reign of Jagellonian dynasty.

Bohuslav Hasistejnsky worked in the royal office on Prague Castle and served king Vladislav Jagello. The Prague Castle underwent several reconstructions during his reign.

Visitors can admire works by Lorenzo Costa, Joos van Cleve or Hans Schäufelein and Albrecht Dürer. The exhibition is accompanied by scientific conference.

WHERE: Císařská konírna Pražského hradu (Imperial Stables of Prague Castle)

WHEN: until 1 July 2007 | open daily from 10am to 6pm

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