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Exhibition Trouble Every Day In New Prague Gallery

Exhibition Trouble Every day in new Prague gallery

31 March 2007, 19:58 - Art
Czech and foreign contemporary art got a new gallery in Prague. The gallery called Galerie 5. patro (Gallery 5th floor) was opened last Friday in the attic of a house in Myslikova Street near Karlovo namesti and just a few steps from Manes gallery.

Collectors of the contemporary art now can meet with specialist and artists and their works in the new gallery whose owner, Petr Simon, promises exhibitions of the contemporary art and photographs and many auctions of the works or issue book edition of graphics and photographs. The owner really do not hide his high ambitions.

The gallery opened with Trouble Every Day exhibition (whose subtitle is My chewing gum's taste is as bitter as the smell of your blood) in which two Czech artitsts of younger generation, Anežka Hošková and Josef Bolf, are confronted with Swiss artist, M. S. Bastian (on the picture you can see his picture Ex Voto from 2005, that is also displayed in the gallery).

Common feature of the current exhibition is the clear irony and the cartoon-like character of the works of all three authors. Great stories full of big words have lost their importance and the world presented to us by the media has begun to belong to us as though it were real. Between us and virtual reality there’s something that we can define as Art, says the gallery web site about the exhibition.

"The position shared by the authors is highly ironic," confirms Lenka Lindauerová, curator of the exhibition. "For example, Bastian is a typical post-production artist, who works with visual symbols of pop culture. He programs signs, figures, or words, and symbols, moving in them as though on the Internet from point to point, in an endless chain of possibilities," she continues.

This selling exhibition is opened until 21 April 2007. Price of the displayed works are between 3000 up to 19000 CZK.

WHERE: Galerie 5. patro, Myslíkova 9, Praha 1

WHEN: current exhibition until 21 Apr 2007 | open 12pm to 6pm on Wed to Fri ans 11am to 4pm on Saturdays (or by appointment in other times)

MORE INFO: Galerie 5. patro