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From The First Floor Up To The Centre Of Universe In Prague

From the first floor up to the centre of Universe in Prague

23 August 2006, 21:55 - Art
We cannot miss Czech artists participating in the grand street parade. In our last stop on the Sculpture Grande Festival this year, we contemplate their presented artworks in the streets of Prague. You should do this as well (sculptures are displayed until 30th September).

In the middle of the Wenceslas Square you can find the sculpture that speaks for itself. The sculpture is named Kaddish - the Jewish mourners' prayer - and with the metal exploding from the inside. The artwork is located next to Jan Palach memorial. Jan Palach was a student who burnt himself on the the Wenceslas Square in January 1969 as a protest against Soviet invasion in the previous year.

Sculpture Grande

Aleš Veselý: Kaddish

The other work from Czech artist - Štěpán Tesař - shows »The Centre of the Centre«. It is meant to introduce the inner gaze and to project the viewer beyond his own centre. The continuously evolving spiral inside it suggest that all the Universe is concentrated here, in the heart of Europe, in Prague.

Sculpture Grande

Štěpán Tesař: The Centre of the Centre

And do not miss First Floor. What is that? The wooden skelet serves as the shelter for several stories. Some of them reminds the ancient »glory« of the place inside the town. For example, Wenceslas Sqaure was a horse market some centuries ago. With artists, horses are back on the same spot.

Sculpture Grande

Sculpture Grande

Sculpture Grande

Atelier of prof. Beránek: First Floor, and others

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