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Golf Is In Course In Czech Republic

Golf is in course in Czech Republic

3 December 2006, 21:21 - Travel
The Czech Republic was awarded as Undiscovered Golf Destination of the Year at the 7th International Association of Golf Tour Operators (IAGTO) Awards held during the International Golf Travel Market in Spain last week.

The country was chosen from a total of 17 candidates. Despite the tough competition, the commission – composed by a panel of 60 golf journalists from 15 countries – awarded recent achievements in the field of golf tourism in 2006 in the country.

Extraordinary golf boom is surrounding the whole country. Just imagine the rise in number of the 18-hole courses: Only three of them existed in 1990, while currently we can find them 69 around the country.

“Now the Czech Republic is perceived and viewed as a golf destination which means business; this creates a necessity to focus on its development in this respect. CzechTourism will do everything it can to support golf companies and organisations and thus strengthen Czech golf’s position abroad,” said Rostislav Vondruška, head of CzechTourism, an agency supporting the incoming tourism.

The aim of the annual IAGTO Awards is to promote organisations in the private and public sectors to work closely together to develop and promote new and existing golf destinations, and make them accessible to as great a number of golfers as possible.

Here are some golf destinations in Czech Republic

you find 2 of them just in Prague and many of them in the near proximity of Prague

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