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Industrial Top Will Meet In Brno

12 September 2006, 11:52 - Business
This year's international show fair in Brno - largest fair in the Czech Republic - will be in the sign of specialized project AUTOMATION – measuring, control, automation and regulating instruments aimed at emphasizing the growing role of automation which improves technological processes. More than a quarter of all exhibitors in the fair participate in this project.

The 48th International Engineering Fair MSV and the 5th International Machine Tools Exhibition IMT are staged at the Brno Exhibition Center from 18–22 September 2006. Stands of 2100 exhibitors from 32 countries will take up all halls and adjacent exhibition spaces.

More than one third of all participants come from abroad, not only from European countries such as from Germany, Italy, Slovakia and Austria, but also from more distant territories such as China, India, Japan, Taiwan or Canada.

Tens of traditional and new accompanying activities will also involve the Session of the Union of Industry and Transport of the Czech Republic, panel discussions „Autoland CZ-SK“ and „Secondary labour cost“, the conferences „Vision in IV automation“ and „Integrated engineering in managing industrial enterprises“, the competition „Best programmer of CNC machines 2006“, Slovak National Day, Russian Business Day and some more.

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