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International Bagpipe Festival Started

International Bagpipe festival started

25 August 2006, 17:30 - Music
Bagpipe festival started yesterday in Strakonice, south Bohemia. The main programme comes on weekend and lovers of folk music are welcome to the town at the confluence of the Otava and Volyňka rivers, in the Prácheňsko region known for its singing, dancing and good bagpipers.

World famous Švanda the Bagpiper came from here - Czech play writer Josef Kajetán Tyl wrote his screenplay with the traditional popular motive in the middle of the 19th century.

Strakonice became the bagpipers centre with the famous International bagpipe festivals take place since 1967 every second year. This festival hosts the groups and the bagpipers from different countries, Scotland, France, Bulgaria, Germany, and of course many groups from Czech Republic.

The festival has status CIOFF (International organization of folklore festivals by UNESCO) since 1995 and the status IOV (International organization for folk art) since 1997.

Check the official site, where you can find out the programme.

How to get there from Prague?

The town Strakonice is located some 110 km southwest from Prague. Take highway R4 to Strakonice by car. Buses to Strakonice departs from Na Knížecí bus station (Anděl metro station, line B). Direct bus makes it in one hour and twenty minutes. Taking train is not recommended, you have to go through Plzeň and it takes almost 3 hrs.