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Kremlicka And His Neoclassicist Women

Kremlicka and his neoclassicist women

17 October 2006, 21:32 - Art
After 50 years, visitors can now see complete exhibition of the leading Czech artist who specialized in painting and printmaking, Rudolf Kremlicka (1886-1932). The exhibition covers all his masterpieces.

Kremlicka's influences were in particular the French painters Eduoard Manet, Auguste Renoir, and Edgar Degas. Featured predominantly in Kremlicka's works are landscapes, many of which verge on a Fauvist manner, and women, whose forms he painted in a style reminiscent of Neo-Classicism.

Get a little taste of his paintings:

Rudolf Kremlicka

Sailboats in Harbour, 1929

Rudolf Kremlicka

After Bath, 1919

The exhibition is in the very nice house on the Old Town Square in the Prague centre. The origins of the Stone Bell House date, according to the latest constructional and historical researches, from the second half of the 13th century.

The result of the rebuilding in the second quarter of the 14th century was the representative municipal palatial house with the tower corner, which is remarkable evidence of the northern French-oriented court lodge that is a unique preserved example of this architecture type in Prague.

The dominant feature of the façade richly decorated with Gothic architectural components was created with plastic figurative decorations. Its iconographic theme celebrated the idea of kingdom and the royal family - due to this, the assumption arose that the building owner was somebody from the royal court circle.

The typical house sign was placed at the corner of the building in the 16th century. After 1685 and in the 18th century baroque adaptations of the building took place. Preceding a demanding restoration of the Stone Bell House, during which the neobaroque façade from the 19th century was pulled down, extensive constructional and historical research was carried out, which revealed the Gothic façade.

Restoration was finished in 1988 and the City assigned the building to serve as the City Gallery of Prague exhibiting space for its important exhibition projects.

WHERE: Stone Bell House (City Gallery of Prague), Old Town square 13, Prague 1

WHEN: from 18 Oct 2006 to 21 Jan 2007 (Open: Tue-Sun 10am to 6pm)

More info: City Gallery of Prague