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Largest Caricature Should Open Tourist Season

3 May 2006, 13:46 - Art
The attemp to atack world record will start summer tourist season in Ceske Budejovice, South Bohemian metropolis, on Saturday, May 6. Painter and humourist Jaroslav Kerles is going to try to create largest ever caricature.

It is set to have 30x30 metres and the picture will be painted directly on the pavement of the main Ceske Budejovice square with washed-down colours. The caricature of the carp Jakub, symbol of the region, covers around quarter of the square. After 4pm all participants could take a snapshot from the bird view, more exactly from the Black Tower that overlooks the square.

Ceske Budejovice are located around 150 km south from Prague.