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More Low Cost Airlines Flying To Prague

More low cost airlines flying to Prague

14 April 2007, 14:09 - Travel
EasyJet is not alone. Low-cost airlines could be seen at the Prague Airport more often. As Prague becomes the most favourite destination in Central and Eastern Europe, more and more low-cost airlines add Czech capital into its destination list. There is virtually no country in Europe that has any low-cost connection to Prague.

For example, Scandinavian low-cost carrier Norweigan Air Shuttle add new flight from Stavanger. It is the fourth Norweigan city that has direct connection to Prague, Czech business newspaper Hospodarske noviny wrote. The other 3 are Bergen, Oslo and Trondheim.

And the Slovakian low-cost SkyEurope, that has one of their home airports in Prague, plans to add more flights, for example between Brussels and Prague, Hospodarske noviny informs. The airlines now has 3 return flights a week (on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, Brussels 16.50 – Prague 18.10) from Brussels to Prague, and wish to extend it up to 10 flights a week. The company has extended its destination list at the end of March.

The is twenty low-cost airlines now flying to Prague, and according to the Aiport spokeswoman said, that there was a 22 per cent growth in number of passengers in low-costs between 2005 and 2006.

One of the newcomers to Prague airport is Spanish low-cost clickair, that connects Prague with Catalan metropolis Barcelona. It flights each day of the week (Barcelona 11.00 – Prague 13.10 and returns Prague 13.45 – Barcelona 15.55).

NOTE: Departures and arrivals are valid for flights during summer timetable, valid approximately until the end of October.