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Mozart Piano In National Museum

Mozart piano in National Museum

1 February 2007, 16:54 - Art
Czech National Museum will show unique exhibits from its archive. Most of them cannot be displayed for long-time. Every two month new exhibit will be shown. Now it is the turn for the Mozart's piano. It is a hammer piano on which Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart allegedly played during his first visit of Prague in January 1787. The piano comes from the craft manufactory of Mr Franz Xaver Christoph and was crafted around 1785.

The piano was moved to Vienna firstly, later it moved to Prague’s Villa Bertramka - the place where Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart lived during his visits of the Czech capital. The instrument is now a one of the items in the collection of the Czech Museum of Music (part of the National Museum) together with 2800 other musical instruments. Many of them belonged to well-known musicians. There are for example pianos on which famous composers Bedrich Smetana or Franz Liszt played.

The collection also includes violins made by world famous Czech and Italian violin-makers, brass instruments by Czech masters from the Johann Sebastian Bach's era or harp that belonged to the family of Frantisek Palacky, Czech politician and the activist for greater independence of Czech nation inside the Austrian monarchy in 19th century.

Mozart's piano was introduced on Tuesday by "small concert" of W. A. Mozart music. The piano is so old and even after the reconstruction, you can play on it only for maximum of 15 minutes, and you have to tune it ditone lower to avoid damage. Piano is now shown in the National Museum's Pantheon (the main building on the top of the Wenceslas Square).

After the piano, other rare exhibits to be displayed. The visitor can look forward to prints of reformist Jednota Bratrská from 15th century of jewels that belonged to opera singer Emma Destinova.

Czech Museum of Music where you find the rest of the exhibition is in Karmelitska street 2, Prague 1 - Malá strana (Lesser Quarter) and is open from Wednesday to Monday from 10am to 6pm.