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Music On Film And Vice Versa

15 October 2006, 20:20 - Music
Featuring music-themed movies from around the world, the Music on Film - Film on Music (MOFFOM) international festival of music films is back in Prague from 18 October 2006 (to 22 Oct). Coming in its third year, the 2006 event features more than 100 films and videos, covering everything from Mozart to the Beastie Boys to Kyrgyzstani mountain music.

Guests of the festival, that takes place in several venues (Palác Lucerna, Kino Světozor, Ponrepo, French Institute, Evald, Municipal Library and Spanish Synagogue), could expect three world premiers.

Mariza and the Story of Fado is the newest film from "world music guru” Simon Broughton. The movie is a visually stylish and compelling study of the leading contemporary exponent of the classic urban music of Lisbon.

Fado is the urban music of Lisbon and other Portuguese cities. The kind of music could be described as a sort of blues that derives from the fishing culture of the country and its empire in Brazil and Africa. In this inventive and engaging documentary, Simon Broughton traces the history of 20th century Portugal by using the shifting role and perception of fado as a main device. Mariza is herself an emblematic fadista, as she was born in Mozambique and effortlessly combines the traditional and the contemporary.

As Old As My Tongue: the Myth and Life of Bi Kidude, a fascinating and just-completed film. It covers the remarkable life and career of one of the most unusual performers in traditional African music - Bi Kidude.

The Plastic People of the Universe DVD Series, screening from the forthcoming DVD series. The Plastic People of the Universe, legendary music band of Czech underground culture, were founded during the Prague Spring of 1968, under the strong influence of the alternative music of the era.

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