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National Museum Needs Urgent Reconstruction

National Museum needs urgent reconstruction

13 July 2006, 10:04 - Art
Several fragments from the statue on the roof fell off from the building of the National Museum located on the top of the Wenceslas Square yesterday evening. Fortunately nobody was hurt, but the museum was rather closed. And it will be closed probably also during Thursday, so the workers could fix the remaining parts of the statues.

The director of the National Museum, Michal Lukeš, had already said, that the building urgently needs reconstruction. »I hope that this incident will finally attract magistrate officers to start the general reconstruction of the object,« he told us. He adds that the estimated cost of the reconstruction reaches 4,5 billion CZK (150 million EUR). The building suffers from the heavy traffic on so called North-South Highway that leads around the museum building.

While the National Museum was founded in 1818, it got the representative building at the end of the nineteenth century. The new museum building was built on the foundation of the Czech parliament during 1885 - 1891. The beautiful palace, constructed by architect Josef Schulz, became the dominant structure on Wenceslas Square and one of the largest and prominent buildings in Prague.

The idea of the building, opened 115 years ago, exceeded the mere purposes of the museum: the palace became a representational symbol of the climax of the Czech national revival, a celebrated monument to Czech science and culture, according to historicians.

At present the National Museum shelters almost 14 million of items from the area of natural history, history, arts, music and librarianship, located in tens of buildings across Prague and Czech Republic.

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