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Night Of Sultans

Night of Sultans

25 November 2006, 23:55 - Art
Just imagine your childhood. I bet one of your favourite fairy tale was that about Queen Scheherazade who told her stories to King Shahryar for one thousand and one nights. This spectacular show now will bring the land of Mesopotamia with the stories of Pandora and Prometheus to Prague.

On 2 December 2006 you could visit unique dance show full of oriental elements, ballet and modern dance called Night of the Sultans.

Tens of young dancers participate in the event full of dance and music. The 90-minute show Night of the Sultans was created in 2004 and since then it has been very successful around the world. The show now comes to Prague after successful tours in China and Middle East.

WHERE: T-mobile Arena (in Prague Fair ground), Za elektrarnou 419, Praha 7.

WHEN: Sat 2 Dec at 7pm


PRICES: The prices for tickets are from 550 CZK to 1950 CZK.

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