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Not Only Cromwell

5 November 2006, 21:56 - Music
Levellers - a mid 17th century English political movement, who came to prominence during the English Civil Wars. But also popular English band based in Brighton, England. They play folk-rock or indie rock influenced by punk and traditional English music.

The group comes to Prague to play at a concert in Rock Cafe on Friday, 10 November. The band debuted with the long-play album called A Weapon Called The Word. As the name suggest, lyrics are not mainly about love but the group sings politically motivated songs.

Levellers are spokespeople for a number of issues including campaigning against the Criminal Justice Act and various anti-capitalist and environmental issues. Although, Levellers issued already 11 albums and are one of the most popular English club bands, they are almost ingnored by the mainstream music press.

The concert in Prague is part of their European tour. Last albums was launched in May 2005 Truth and Lies.

WHERE: Rock Café, Národní 20, Prague 1

WHEN: Fri 10 Nov 2006, 7pm

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