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Number Of Visitors To Czech Rep Gets Over 20 Million Per Year

2 Jun 2006, 12:15 - Travel
Around 39 per cent of foreign visitors to the Czech Republic do not stay overnight, same proportion of tourists stay longer and one fifth of them just travel across. Total number of visitors reached 21,5 million in twelve month from April 2005 to March 2006, according to the survey realized by STEM/MARK agency together with Czech Statistical Office. The research has been conducted with help of EU funds for the CzechTourism agency.

What are the reasons for tourist to come only for one day? It is mostly shopping, followed by business trips. The one-day visitors spend 80 euro per day on average while those stay longer spend more then 110 euro per person per day.

Almost 27 thousand respondents have completed questionaire on one of 18 borders or at the railway station od Prague airport.

The survey result should help to plan marketing activities to attract more tourists to CR on the national level. The inspiration to create so called satellite account - aggregarte information on incoming tourism - comes from Canada and Spain, said Rostislav Vondruska, CzechTourism Director.

Full detailed analysis is available at CzechTourism website (press release only in Czech language available).