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Oil Mining Museum Opened In Hodonin

Oil mining museum opened in Hodonin

30 May 2006, 10:49 - Travel
On Friday, May 26, Museum of oil mining and geology was opened in Hodonin, town in southeast Moravia, near to Czech border with Slovakia, some 270 km from Prague on highway D1.

The reader can be surprised now. Oil mining in the Czech Rep.? Is that a joke or what. Well, even if the current production of oil from Czech oil-fields do not cover even one percent of consumption in the CR, the are some oil wells – and several of them still in service – in the south part of Moravia.

Oil mining has almost a century old tradition here and it dates back to Czechoslovak First Republic in the interwar period, when small firms tried to search for oil and gas.

First oil well has been opened in 1919 in Nesyt. It is closed now, but the museum plans to open the extraction technique to public in near future.

Current production of oil and NLG (natural liquefied gas) in Czech mines reaches 415.000 tons a year. Just to compare, world leader – Saudi Arabia – produced thousand times more a year.

The museum is the only one of its kind in central Europe. It offers around 350 exhibits with almost 200 mineral samples. Its representatives hope to attract not only tourists or students, but also employees of oil firms.

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