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Prague Accommodated More Tourists In Second Quarter

21 August 2006, 17:41 - Travel
In second quarter of 2006, a total of 3.4 million guests arrived at collective accommodation establishments in the Czech Republic, says Czech Statistical Office (CZSO) in his periodical survey. It shows the increase of 7 per cent when compared with the same period in 2005. The analyst of CZSO says, it is mainly due to later Easter holiday that was celebrated in April this year.

More than a half of visitors traditionally headed for Prague, followed by Carlsbad region on the northwest Bohemia.

From the total amount, 1.8 million are foreign guests, who stay in Czech Republic for average three nights. Number of overnights in Prague is a bit higher and it does not change in the long-run. According to the country of permanent residency, most visitors came from Germany and Great Britain. The number of guest from later mentioned country decreased repeatedly by the same volume as in the first quarter (-13.4%). Prague did not probably remain so attractive for British male groups coming for popular »stag nights«. Slovak capital Bratislava and capitals of Baltic states can offer the same for those groups for even less money. Plus they are undiscovered.

The ranking of countries of residence follows by Italy, USA, France, Poland, Slovakia and Netherlands The highest growth in the number of guest arrivals was recorded by Russians.

Full analysis: on site of Czech Statistical Office.