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Prague Hotels Getting Full In August

Prague hotels getting full in August

10 August 2006, 06:00 - Travel
Hotels in Prague are getting full for the summer month of August. It could be quite difficult to find accommodation for many coming tourist in the capital of Czech Republic. Especially if they decide to do it in the "last minute".

Most of Prague centrally located hotels reports no availability for the second half of August. Especially, weekends are now booked up in Prague hotels.

This came as a surprise after quite "weak" July in the view of travel agents. It could be "hard work" to find nice hotel for good value in case of late booking, most of them say. It is highly recommended to reserve your accommodation in advance.

Chances to book the hotel you want arise if you decide to come at the end of the month. For August 25th-31st, rooms are still available in some hotels.