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Prague Metro Celebrates 33 Years Of Operation Today

Prague metro celebrates 33 years of operation today

9 May 2007, 21:04 - Travel
First Prague metro started for its first trip with passengers 33 years ago. On 9 May 1974, first metro trains came into operation after several years of building the tunnels and the bridge. The metro had only one line, it was a line C (red line) and metro operated between the stations Florenc and Kacerov.

Since then, the metro system grew quickly: now it has 3 lines and 54 stations. More then one million people hear "Ukončete výstup a nástup, dveře se zavírají" (Finish you getting off and on, the doors are closing) each day.

In 1974, introducing the metro was a great move in Prague transport history, which sometimes was near collapse.

The metro system is expecting further enlargement in the following years: line C is now being built on the north of the city, the line should connect the Prague Letnany exhibition grounds with the city center; the next project is for the extension of line A from Dejvicka metro to Prague Airport and from 2009, brand new line D will be built between Main Train Station and Modrany suburb in Southern Prague.

Prague metro system was hardly hit by Prague floods in August 2002, when many stations in the city center were out of order. The underground was renovated and full operation was restored in half a year.

The metro is also modernized: New trains from Siemens are replacing old heavy trains from the former Soviet Union.