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Rebel Artist In Gallery Art Prague

Rebel artist in Gallery Art Prague

24 April 2007, 21:50 - Art
He calls his style as Rebel Art. We are talking about Czech artist Ludek Pesek Pachl, who – in his own words – rebelled ever since he was young. As a young punk he rejected the communist regime and what it represented, which often punished him for. On his travels throughout Europe he lived on the streets, he begged, and managed to survive somehow.

The exhibition comes with quite unusual name - The 116th anniversary of the first intromition of frankfurter into roll. It is open until 1 June in Gallery Art Factory on the Wenceslas Square.

His latest painting are cult like and very close to Poster Pop Art. The painting often shows comic figures or quite unusual symbols. His works are cheeky, provoke and delight.

As Ludek Pesek Pachl said, he finds his themes everywhere. He discovers the inspiration in media or when walking down the streets. For his collages and installations he uses old things that have been thrown away such as batteries, toilet lids, cigarettes, registration plates or beer cans. He discovers new sides to the abandoned objects and gives them new meaning.

The 34 years old painter now lives and works in Berlin.

WHERE: Gallery Art Factory , Wenceslas Sguare 15, Prague

WHEN: until 1 Jun 2007 | open Mon to Fri 10am - 6pm

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