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Recommended Local Politician Vojtech Naprstek Exhibition In His Museum

RECOMMENDED Local politician Vojtech Naprstek exhibition in his museum

13 April 2007, 10:07 - Travel
There are just few weeks left to visit a one year long exhibition dedicated to Vojta Náprstek, important person of Czech cultural and political life in the 19th century.

Mr Náprstek, a famous Prague patron, philanthropist, patriot and politician, lived substantial parts of his life outside Central Europe, he travelled a lot and artefacts that he brought from his journeys and trips gave birth to large collections. He for example participated in the exhibition of studying the Indian tribe of Dakota. In total, he spent 10 years in the USA.

His efforts, experiences and collections became the basis of the present Naprstek Museum of Asian, African, and American cultures in Prague. He also received many gifts from Czech travellers Emil Holub, Antonín Frič and Josef Kořenský. His personal collections included 46000 books and 18000 photographs. In his will, Vojtech Naprstek entailed all his belonging to the museum. Mr Naprstek also co-founded Club of Czech tourists.

An exhibition Vojta Náprstek, A Local Politician marks the 180th anniversary of the birth of Vojta Náprstek (1826-1894). The exhibition introduces visitors to his activities as a member of the board of the eldermen of the town of Prague (1873-1894) and the town council (1881-1892).

Náprstek was an ardent proponent of progressive ideas, including the conditions of living in Prague, support for education and health care and the introduction of the latest innovations and technologies into life. The range of his interests is exemplified in a wealth of period photographs, illustrations and commentaries from daily newspapers. This exhibition will be open until 31 May 2007.

Taste of ethnological museum. Náprstek museum is the centre of the ethnological studies with great collection and extensive library. The museum specialises in the native Indian cultures of North and South America, Australia and the islands of the Pacific (the two permanent exhibition).

Current short term exhibitions include The Power of Fetishes - from a series of small exhibitions on the theme of Africa (until 29 April 2007), which introduces Congo from the viewpoint of sorcery and magic. Visitors will be acquainted with the story and power of the individual figures of nkisi and nkonde – both of them are in the collections of the Museum.

The other short term exhibition is composed from the gifts of the architect Harry Kilberger, a Czech compatriot who has lived since 1950 in Australia. He recently gifted the Náprstek Museum a large collection of film recordings and ethnographic material from his travels across Australia, New Guinea and Bali during the 1970s.

Náprstek Museum of Asian, African and American cultures is part of National Museum in Prague.

WHERE:Náprstek Museum of Asian, African and American cultures (Náprstkovo muzeum asijských, afrických a amerických kultur), Betlémské nám. 1, 110 00 Praha 1

WHEN: Vojta Náprstek, A Local Politician exhibition until 31 May 2007 | museum open daily except Monday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m

PRICES: Basic 80 CZK; Reduced: 40 CZK; Family: 120 CZK |

Free entrance on first Fridays in the month.

MORE INFO: Naprstek Museum official page