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Recommended Rusty Flowers Exhibition Of Cestmir Suska

RECOMMENDED Rusty Flowers Exhibition of Cestmir Suska

9 April 2007, 20:00 - Art
The iron "sculptures" of Cestmir Suska, 55-years-old Czech artist who is also theatre director and play writer, look like the gem of last dinosaurs. But, in real they are made from large old brewery tanks.

The unusual exhibition Rusty Flowers settled in perfect spot. The old large factory hall in Prague-Karlin is a just a perfect suite for it. Mr Suska recently worked with oxy-acetylene welder and plasma saw. He make ornaments into the old and non-functional tanks and cisterns or metallic containers for gas. All ornaments are shaped regular, such as printings on table covers or needleworks, or sometimes occasionally, as a man could see in nature, for example when freezing makes its own ornaments into the ice.

Suska calls himself "Big Recyclator", several years ago he made great sculptures from wood - from aspen stems. Now he wakes up tanks, in which 208 hectolitres of beer were transported.

The exhibition is opened until 25 April 2007, and it belongs to the best and the most original what you can see in Prague galleries and "galleries" right now.

WHERE: Thámova hala (Tham Hall), Thámova 8, Praha 8 - Karlín (map)

WHEN: until 25 April 2007 | open daily from 2pm to 7pm

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