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Saint Nicholas Walking Through Prague Streets

Saint Nicholas walking through Prague streets

5 December 2006, 17:22 - Travel
If you just walk on any Czech street, either in Prague, other large cities or in smaller villages, you probably turn your eye to the unexpected trio in special costumes: Saint Nicholas (Mikuláš) with his verge dressed in white, together with the angel representing Good and the devil dressed in black representing evil.

This a part of the charming tradition that is celebrated on the eve of St. Nicholas Day, on 5 December.

Usually the group created by all three people walk the streets, stopping children and asking them if they were good in the past year. Most kids say yes and sing a song or recite a short poem.

Those who really behaved good during the year get candy, but those who "annoyed" their parent receive a piece of and are taken to hell. Or they must promise they get better until next year. Some parents invite "the Three" home to "scare" their children. In a good sense, of course.

Children also receive candies from their parents, such as chocolates.

In Prague, grate gathering of St. Nicholases, angels and devils takes place on the Old Town Square around 6pm. The organizer of the Christmas markets prepared the programme during which the best mask will be awarded. According to the spokeswoman, as she said, the devils are the most numerous among the crowd. The question is why...