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Save Prague Club Strahov 007

10 January 2007, 20:55 - Music
007 is just this year, number of the famous spy James Bond and also name for the legendary rock club located on the hill of Strahov near the famous large stadium. The club is located in the ground floor of one block of the student dormitory in Strahov.

The club now faces several problems - because of noisiness the club must undergo reconstruction to ensure soundproofing or the club will be closed. This week a Week for 007 takes place in the club - a six nights series of benefit concerts with best from Prague's alternative music scene now should help save the existence of the rock club.

Here is the programme:

Wed 10 Jan: Moimir Papalescu & The Nihilists + Magnetik

Thu 11 Jan: Ecstasy of Saint Theresa + Tata Bojs

Fri 12: Clou + Flowers for Whores

Sat 13: Peneři strýčka homeboye

Sun 14: Thema Eleven + See You in Hell

WHERE: Klub 007 Strahov, Chaloupeckého 7, Prague 6, student dormitories

WHEN: until Sun 14 Jan 2007 | starts every day at 7.30pm

MORE INFO: Strahov 007