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Sculptures Almost Talk To Prague City Center

Sculptures almost talk to Prague city center

26 July 2006, 20:51 - Art
Flying closets, bunker, cathedral, tank, two boats or watchtower. All this can be found newly - and just for limited period of time - in the very center of Prague. Its inhabitants as well as tourists can contemplate 22 grand sculptures, that changes dramatically the face of historical Prague.

The project Sculpture Grande 06 prepared of Gallery Art Factory presents temporary exhibition (or call it festival of contemporary art) directly on the street. This year for the 4th time. According to most critics, the festival is not so rebel as in the last year, but the quality and expression of sculptures steps up. The project wants to show that this is the right way to show contemporary art to lots of people, who normally »could not find the way« to galleries.

Prague is so magic, that the historical parts need to be balanced by something new, modern and extravagant. By something people surely note with just a glance, said one of the curators, Olga Dvořáková from Gallery Art Factory. The festival gained more international dimension this year by inviting second curator, Pilar Ribal from Spain. Most of the sculptures comes from there. Other come from Czech Republic, Germany, United Kingdom, United States or Cuba.

Milan Knížák, controversial figure and director of National Gallery, says - by his work installed next to the statue of Saint Wenceslas that »art is for nothing«. You can think about the message he sends to the public while sitting on his »artwork«. His masterpiece can be used as a bench for tourists tired by walks through Prague. What Knížák wants to tell is quite clear, but the flying closets by Dennis Oppenheim from USA? What is his message?

The opening artwork show ceremony with city Mayor, representatives of the embassies of USA, Mexico or Spain and one of the artist who participated on the works took place on the Wenceslas Square last week.

To see the installed sculptures on your own do not forget to come to Prague 30 September 2006. You can find them mainly Wenceslas Square from the top to the bottom and in street Na Příkopech (leading from Mustek to Namesti Republiky).

We will prepare short reviews with description of best sculptures in the following days.