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Sculptures By Spanish Artists Invaded Prague

Sculptures by Spanish artists invaded Prague

9 August 2006, 20:52 - Art
Six of twenty two artist participating on this year's Sculpture Grande Festival came from Spain. The co-curator of the exhibition - Pilar Ribal - is Spanish, too. Could we say that Spanish sculptures invaded Prague? Let us introduce some of them.

One of the artworks relates Czech history. Daria von Berner created a Dream of Rudolph II, who is depicted as one of the smartest Czech king and Emperor of Holy Roman Empire (1576-1612). Rudolph spent most of his life in Prague. He left many tracks in Prague, but on the Wenceslas Square you could not find any.

Daria von Berner probably wanted to pay a tribute to the Emperor who spent several years on the Spanish royal court as a young man to be educated, created a golden horseshoe prints of his horse that carried him on the square.

Sculpture Grande

Daria von Berner: Dream of Rudolph II

Santiago Picatoste's work Surrounding found perfect location. It displays the flower trying to survive in the middle of city chaos, traffic jams and people always in hurry. Huge blue steel sculpture attracts many of them.

Sculpture Grande

Santiago Picatoste: Surrounding

Spaniards probably love flowers. Bolboreta from Manolo Paz evokes huge flourishing flower, it is made from granite. People are using is as a comfortable bench for sitting.

Sculpture Grande

Manolo Paz: Bolboreta

Teresa Matas created a nice construction that looks like lace or needlework. The author reminds the works of the women from the whole world made in household, hidden when looked for first time but ofter marvellous.

Sculpture Grande

Teresa Matas: Morning Star

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