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Six Hours Of Advertising Nonstop

10 November 2006, 16:33 - Art
The Night of the Adeaters is a festival show that offers 6 hours of non-stop action. According to the related website, it shows more than five hundred of the finest, most amazing, funniest, most artistic, most creative and most unexpected advertising films from around the world.

The Night of the Adeaters is cinema, show time, a statement of our times, a common language for all audiences. On 10 November, it comes back to Prague, directly to Palace Cinemas near the Wenceslas Square.

Festival wants to show the ads not only as a mean of sales but also as art. Each ad or spot in TV is a possible artefact.

It is fun, easy and has a contagious element of excitement. The visitors - adeaters - could expect a night full of surprises for new audiences who participate unreservedly in a party-like atmosphere.

This year's festival is dedicated to clips from Mediteranean, South Korean or »gay« ads.

The idea of the whole festival was born in France in the head of Jean Marie Boursicot. His archive of ad spots counts more than 700 thousand ads.

WHERE: Palace Cinemas Slovanský dům, Na Příkopě 22, Prague 1

WHEN: Fri 10 Nov 2006, 7pm

MORE INFO: AD EATER and Noc reklamožroutů