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Small Pearl In The Bohemian Crown

Small Pearl in the Bohemian Crown

20 January 2007, 17:41 - Art
National Gallery, top Czech cultural institution, runs the exhibitions Silesia - A Pearl in the Bohemian Crown with the subtitle Three Periods of Flourishing Artistic Relations, that presents the history of the interesting area in the North-Easter part of the Czech Republic.

Silesia, strip by the Czech border with Poland has rich history and was always a territory for which wars had been waged. The area, now divided between Czech Republic and Poland, was unified into a single state only twice.

Silesians, Slavic tribes, inhabited the whole region adjacent to the sacred mountain Ślęz (nearby Wroclaw, that lies in today's Poland) which can be delineated in the west by the Lusatian Nysa from the confluence of the river Oder and in the south from the area of the mountain ranges now creating the border between Czech Rep. and Poland - Krkonoše, Orlické and Jeseníky to the Kłozdko basin.

For the long time in the history, whole area belonged to the Czech throne, but Austrian Emperor Maria Theresa lost substantial parts of the area against Prussia in the mid-18th century.

What can visitors find among the exhibits?

Lots of maps coming back from 16th century, several church object, such as Wooden Madonna or the Chalice from the St Elisabeth church in Wroclaw dating back to 14th century, several icons or oil paintings as well as the selection of seals, archive documents and numismatic relicts that create the whole image of the region throughout the history.

WHERE: National Gallery in Prague, Collection of Old Masters: Wallenstein Riding School, Valdštejnská 3, Prague 1

HOW TO GET THERE: metro A, tram 12, 18, 20, 22, 23 | stop: Malostranská

WHEN: until 8 Apr 2007 | open daily except Mondays from 10am to 6pm

ADMISSION: full 120 CZK / reduced 60 CZK / family 180,- CZK

MORE INFO: Official site by National Gallery