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Taxi Drivers Will Be Checked By Security Agents

Taxi drivers will be checked by security agents

9 February 2007, 13:28 - Travel
Security agents, hired by Prague City Hall, will check taxi-drivers suspected of overcharging their clients.

As in other cities around the world, some (not all of them!) Prague taxi drivers tend to try to overcharge their clients, especially foreign visitors who are not familiar with distances in Czech capital. In Prague, there are regulated prices for taxi fares (see below). You should not be asked to pay more than the regulated price.

But some taxi drivers (mostly in the city centre) did not observe the regulated price and ask for higher price. They are using fakes, ie. they do not turn on the taxametre when their client enter the car, or their taxametre counts higher price per kilometre than is allowed (so called "turbo").

Prague city hall holds repeated annual inspections. In 2006, the Prague municipality levied 33 fines worth a total of 1.5 million Czech crowns. However, the are signs that the situation is becoming better. The percentage of cheating taxi-drivers has dropped from around 35 per cent in 2002 to some 14 per cent last year.

In January, Prague City Hall made the inspection on 94 taxi trips by Prague taxi drivers, mainly in the centre of the city. In 16 cases, the proposal for the withdrawal of the taxi driver's licence has been filed.

Last move of Prague City Hall to hire the agency follows after the refusal of several inspectors to testify during administrative proceedings against the taxi-drivers for fear of their revenge. These people had to uncover their identity during the proceedings.

TIP: See recommendations how to avoid being overcharged by taxi driver.

Regulated price for taxi driver in Prague (from 1 January 2007)

Max. price:

Starting rate (nástupní sazba): 40 CZK

Price per 1 km in Prague: 28 CZK

Waiting (1 minute): 6 CZK