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Tips For Trips Predni Kopanina

TIPS FOR TRIPS Predni Kopanina

31 October 2006, 20:38 - Travel
Just 2 kilometers from Prague International Airport you can find a small village - Predni Kopanina. In 1974, the village has been connected to the City of Prague. The area itself is one of the most antique in the land of Bohemia, some archaeological findings proved that the place has been inhabited in 3000 before Christ.

During the Middle Ages, nice dominant of the village has been built. It is the Rotunda of Mary Magdalena. The rotunda itself has been first mentioned in the chronicles in 1352, but was probably built earlier. The rotunda once became a propriety of Jezuits, but in 17th and 18th century, there were "fights" over the ownerships and the rotunda almost eroded.

Kopanina Prague

Fortunately, the Rotund has been saved in 1852, when professor of Polytechnics K. Wiesenfeld, contributed to reconstruction. It has been restored several times since then, last time in 90's.

If you would like to escape from the rush of the city, trip to North-West part of Prague is recommended. If you are here, you can also visit Divoka Sarka, natural reservation within Prague boundaries. You can find here small creeks, rocks in different shapes and water flowing between them, mini waterfalls and even a small canyon.

Kopanina Prague

How to get there: There is direct bus from the Ruyzne airport (254). Same bus takes you there also from the Dejvicka metro station (line A). From Dejvicka you can also take bus 312. This is within Prague boundaries, so you just need to buy ordinary ticket.

If you go by car, follow the signs to Prague Ruzyne Airport and immediately before the airport turn right to Predni Kopanina.

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