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Twelve Letters Of Freakish Oldster

Twelve letters of freakish oldster

6 August 2006, 22:39 - Art
The largest square in Central Europe, Wenceslas Square in Prague, sends doubtful message. One of the artefacts installed on main Prague boulevard as a part of the summer festival Sculpture Grande 2006 shows three words - »Umění je nanic«, in English »Art is for nothing«.

You can find the sculpture on the top of the Wenceslas Square just below the statue of Saint Wenceslas sitting on his horse. A controversial artefact named simply 12 letters was created in the atelier of professor Milan Knižák, head of National Gallery.

According to Mr Knižák, 15 of his students worked on the sculpture, which makes it most collective work of this year's show. Official prospects say that the work is sophisticated message for those who want to understand of crafty form of benches for others who just want to sit down and relax in the centre of Prague.

Mr Knižák (born 1940) has always been a controversial artist. He got many international prices and is teaching at the Academy of Fine Arts. Some of his works are worthy, but this one is a step out. It seems that ageing professor lacks fresh ideas and walks in circles. The message seen from bird-view is not controversial. It is rather stupid, I think. The acknowledgement, or almost denial of whole life carrier needs either to be a strong personality or fool. Doing this so obviously trench upon stupidity.

Do those people sitting on unusual benches know more, do they understand the message? And what do you think?

Sculpture Grande