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What Has Changed Lorries Over 12 T Must Pay Electronic Toll

WHAT HAS CHANGED Lorries over 12 t must pay electronic toll

7 January 2007, 14:17 - Travel
All lorries, buses, or heavy vehicles over 12 tonnes needed only a traffic stamp when entering Czech Republic. This has changed from 1 January 2007.

This road usage tax sticker is required to drive legally on major highways. Signs stating this requirement are posted near the border, but they are easy to miss. The stickers are available at gasoline stations.

Nothing has changed for private cars under 12 tonnes. Stickers valid 1 year (2007) cost 900 CZK (7000 CZK). There are also stickers for one month for 300 CZK (1750 CZK) and with one week validity for 200 CZK (650 CZK). Prices shown here are for cars below 3,5 tonnes, prices in brackets refer to cars from 3,5 to 12 tonnes.

What has changed from 1 January?

Czech Republic started a new system of paying tolls on highways for vehicle that are heavier than 12 tons. These vehicles, lorries, camions, and buses have to pay electrical tolls.

Lorries and buses weighing 12 tonnes or more must pay toll on 970 kilometres of Czech motorways and dual carriageways. The average fee is around 4 CZK per km, the exact price depend on how the highway is frequent.

The electronic toll system operates based on the latest microwave technology. Every vehicle must carry on-board unit (bought or hired) called premid vehicle device. It must be located in the vehicle during the journey.

When a vehicle equipped with the premid device runs under a toll bridge, the device send information to the “bridge” and the driver is alerted via an acoustic signal. The bridges have been installed throughout Czech highway system. It is not necessary that drivers reduce speed or change the lane when passing the toll bridge – the process is automatic.

Higher toll could also bring higher price of bus tickets in Czech Rep.

Where to pay?

This map refers both the standard toll and electronic toll. Dark green means that the highway is under road tax.

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