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Wildfire In The Woods

24 July 2006, 19:59 - Travel
The wave of hot weather resulted in several fires in the National Park »Czech Switzerland« in the north of Czech Republic by the border with Germany. Firefighters now say they have the fire, that burnt in several places in national park during weekend, under control. The fire, largest in last 30 years in the area, should be competely kept down within three days.

Park guards now warned people to be extremely cautious and use only marked pathways in the whole area of park. The estimated cost of the renewal of the parts of the forest that were hit by the fire will cost around 6 million CZK (200 thousand EUR).

The national park of »Czech Switzerland« situated around 120 km north from Prague (around 2 hrs on the higway D8) was added to the list of National Parks in 2000. It is one of the smallest Czech national parks.

Park is the most famous by largest »rock bridge« in Europe - Pravčická brána. The Elbe River canyon is also the biggest sandstone canyon in Europe. Sandstone, that dominates the whole area and creates hundred-meter high rocks, was due to its malleability often used in the baroque architecture.