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World Premiere Of My Name Is King In Archa Theatre

12 September 2006, 12:24 - Art
This world premiere from the Czech-Italian ensemble Déja Donné is set to be more than just a taster of what we can expect when two major stars of the dance scene - the Ultima Vez ensemble and the choreographer Anne Theresa De Keersmaeker arrive at the Archa Theatre in November.

You can enjoy the ensemble Deja Donné with the opening of their new show My Name is King today (September 12). There are two additional performances on September 13 and 14. All the shows take place in the Archa Theatre from 8pm.

Déja Donné takes a look at society through the waste which we discard around us. »We looked on the rubbish dump for the source of sickness of the human spirit. We took the items that we found most frequently, dismantled, cleaned and reconstructed them and then, from these items we created the set, music and lighting design for the show,« said the choreographer Simone Sandroni.

»As veterinarians study the stools of sick animals to find the source of illnesses, we examined garbage dumps to find the source of illness within human spirituality. From those dumps we collected the most common elements. We dismantled and sorted them. We reconstructed and transformed the items into an environment of lighting, set and sound that suits our needs,« added the authors.

The dance company Déjà Donné was founded in 1997 by Lenka Flora (CZ) and Simone Sandroni (IT). The troupe uses dancers and artists from many different countries and devotes itself to contemporary dance theatre.

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