Prague Travel Guide


What not to do in Prague

Generally saying Prague and whole of the Czech republic are very safe places. Nevertheless increasing numbers of visitors in recent years attracts some kind of people which try to profit on tourism in a not very honest way. And so we mention the most common annoyances one can experinece in Prague.

Many tourist sites (Prague Castle, Charles bridge, Old Town Square) as well as the public transportation (metro and especially trams No 22, 23) are favorite places of organized groups of pickpockets. To avoid becoming their victim we recommenend not to carry large amounts of cash with you - carry a credit card and take money out of a cash machine as you go. It's much safer to leave all your documents in the deposit box at the hotel!

Overcharging foreigners by taxis is another frequent occurence in the capital city. Do not trust those weird guys standing in front of their new shiny Mercedes cabs on tourist places. Use preferrably reliable radio taxis like AAA Taxi (14014, +420221111111), City Taxi (+420257257257), Profi Taxi (+420 261 314151, +420 844 700800) - they all speak English.

Since the Czech republic has not yet joined the monetary union (Euro), the only official currency here is the Czech Crown CZK. If you can at all avoid it, don't bother changing money. Most of exchanges are total rippoff giving worse rates then offering. Never change on black market, you might still meet people offering the money exchange in the streets. We recommend to bring your credit card. Most of merchants in the city center accept cards and the ATM's are really all over the place.