Prague Travel Guide


Prague Today

Talking about Prague of nowadays, we have to mention first of all the changes, our capital has experienced since the dramatic events of Velvet revolution in 1989. We'll try to describe the most significant differences one can find in Prague since the previous visit to the city.

Having experienced the previous visit to Prague, you might remember Prague's restaurants. In good and bad. Prices are slightly higher, but you also find the english menus and english speaking stuff nearly everywhere. And it's not just the heavy food they used to serve, but Prague of today offer a wide variety of dishes of all international cuisines. Culture of dinning is really trumendous change since the post-revolutionary years.

Prague of last years is attracting its visitors for shopping. Not only traditional souvenirs such as Bohemian crystal, garnet jewellery and porcelaine, but you can find in the city large choice of all international brand names.

Prague has always been cultural center of Central Europe. Only very few european cities can compete in variety and numbers of cultural events and venues. Prague has also become one of the compulsory stops of international popstars.

Generally saying, much has changed in Prague, but still much will have to change. Especially foreign visitors may observe some situations which are rather uncommon in other european capitals. Also, many of the visitors are surprised by higher prices due to increasing living standard of the city, but also because of the large numbers of tourists. But the popular activities such as eating and drinking out remaining still considerably cheaper than in the rest of Europe. Overcharging in taxis is still occuring in Prague, but we must say that situation is lot better than it used to be. As we are recomanding in next chapter, do really use some of many radio taxis to avoid the problem.

Exploring the past and present of Prague is a unique experience. So do not hesitate and come to see all what Prague can offer to you!